GSAP: Professional-Grade HTML5 Animation

Other tools fall down in older browsers, but GSAP is remarkably compatible.
Scale, rotate & move independently
(impossible with CSS animations/transitions)
CSS, canvas libraries, colors, beziers, etc.
Total control
pause(), play(), reverse(), or timeScale() any tween or sequence.
The new standard for HTML5 animation

GSAP is a suite of tools for scripted, high-performance HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, API efficiency, and tight control. Stop wrestling with cumbersome CSS animations, stuttery jQuery.animate() calls, or a system that limits your creativity. Use animation to tell a story in a rich way rather than settling for a few fades and slides.

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JavaScript speed comparison: see how much better TweenLite performs under pressure than other industry standards like jQuery, MooTools, YUI, and Zepto.

Full documentation: Read up on every property and method.

Get help in the forums.

Tutorials, Demos, and Articles

Jump Start: GSAP JS: visually demonstrates the basics of the API and gets you up and running fast. The interactive slides make it easy (or dare we say it…”fun!”).
Myth Busting: CSS Animation vs JavaScript: This guest post on challenges some commonly-held beliefs about CSS and JavaScript animation, and delivers some data that might surprise you.
What’s the big deal about GSAP for HTML5 animation? See for yourself in this practical guide for web developers, explaining the real-world, practical reasons why so many people are switching to GSAP.
Video: Sequence JavaScript Animations Like a Pro with GSAP’s TimelineLite: Don’t miss this video that demonstrates how TimelineLite can save you a lot of time.
A candid review of GSAP by Aaron Brown: An insightful and humorous read about experiencing GSAP for the first time. Never thought there would be a Justin Bieber tie-in with our platform, but Aaron pulls it off with style.
3D Transforms & More CSS3 Goodies Arrive in GSAP JS: See some of the exciting CSS3 properties that can be animated in GSAP including 3D transforms, boxShadow, textShadow, borderRadius, and clip.
CSS3 Transitions vs GSAP: Cage Match: See how GSAP matches up against CSS3 transitions and animations in this “cage match”, category-by-category.
jQuery vs GSAP: Cage Match: See how GSAP matches up against jQuery in this “cage match”, category-by-category.
GreenSock JavaScript Animation: Jens Ahrengot literally makes his blog post come to life with GSAP. Great demos and easy to understand code samples.
HTML5 Animation with TweenMax: This excellent video by Lee Brimelow will walk you through getting started with TweenMax. Covers both DOM and canvas animations.
DNA: Chris Gannon has been on the forefront of integrating GSAP with Adobe Edge Animate. His work often makes us wonder “is that really a DOM animation?” His blog has great demos with source files: 3D Card Flip | Moo Disco | Manta Ray.
SuperScrollorama: John Polacek’s ground-breaking jQuery plugin is driving today’s cutting-edge sites with some help from TimelineMax.
Particles: WebGL + GSAP + ThreeJS: GSAP plays well with others:) Rahmat Hidayat shows off an impressive particle effect (viewable in Google Chrome only).

Inspiring sites that use GSAP

What’s included in GSAP?

  • TweenLite: the core of the engine which handles animating just about any property of any object. It is relatively lightweight yet full-featured and can be expanded using optional plugins (like CSSPlugin for animating DOM element styles in the browser)
  • TweenMax: think of it like TweenLite’s beefy big brother; it does everything TweenLite can do plus non-essentials like repeat, yoyo, repeatDelay, updateTo(), etc. In addition it automatically activates many common plugins and includes TimelineLite and TimelineMax. TweenMax provides access to the platform’s most powerful and popular features through the loading of a single script. The focus is on being full-featured rather than lightweight (~21kb gzipped).
  • TimelineLite: a powerful, lightweight sequencing tool that acts like a container for tweens, making it simple to control them as a whole and precisely manage their timing in relation to each other. You can even nest timelines inside other timelines as deeply as you want. This allows you to modularize your animation workflow easily. The animation at the top of the page is a great example of how TimelineLite makes it easy to control dozens or even thousands of tweens with ease.
  • TimelineMax: extends TimelineLite, offering exactly the same functionality plus useful (but non-essential) features like repeat, repeatDelay, yoyo, currentLabel(), and many more. Again, just like TweenMax does for TweenLite, TimelineMax aims to be the ultimate full-featured tool rather than lightweight.
  • Easing tools and plugins for doing things like animating along Bezier paths, scrollTo, EaselJS, RaphaelJS, utilities like Draggable and much more…

Why you'll love GreenSock Animation Platform v12

Crazy fast

Performance is paramount, especially on mobile devices with sluggish processors. Silky smooth animation is the hallmark of any tweening engine worth its weight and GSAP outperforms old “industry standards” by literally 1000%+ under stress. What was jerky and twitchy is now fluid. It’s the result of countless optimizations made to ensure that your interactive projects are responsive, efficient, and buttery smooth. Check out the speed test for a head-to-head comparison.

Freakishly robust

Built for professionals, GSAP is packed with features that make most other engines look like cheap toys. Animate colors, beziers, css properties, arrays, scrolls and lots more. Round values, smoothly reverse() on the fly, use relative values, automatically accommodate getter/setter functions, employ virtually any easing equation, and manage conflicting tweens like a pro. Define callbacks, tween in seconds or frames, build sequences effortlessly (even with overlapping tweens), repeat/yoyo and more.


HTML5, jQuery, Canvas, CSS, new browsers, old browsers, RequireJS, EaselJS, mobile, and more – GSAP gets along with them famously. Use your favorite tools without jumping through endless hoops to ensure compatibility. It even accommodates various transforms (scale, skew, rotation, x, and y) in modern browsers plus IE back to version 6 without requiring clunky browser prefixes and hacks. We worry about compatibility so that you don’t need to. Another headache solved.

Animate anything

That’s right. Anything. No predefined list of properties to choose from. Any numeric property of any object can be tweened, and if the property needs special handling (like colors, filters, non-numeric values, etc.), chances are there’s a plugin that will do it. If not, one can be created. The possibilities are endless.

Lightweight & expandable

Modular, flexible, and ultra-efficient, its plugin architecture keeps the core engine tight while allowing virtually any feature to be added via optional plugins. TweenLite packs an amazing amount of power into a surprisingly small package (under 7kb in all flavors).

No dependencies

The GreenSock Animation Platform isn’t built on top of any 3rd party tools like jQuery (although it works great with jQuery as a selector). This approach minimizes load times and maximizes performance.

Advanced sequencing

You’re not limited to “one-after-the-other” sequencing; have animations overlap as much as you want. Nest timelines inside other timelines. Insert gaps, callbacks, labels, staggered tweens, and more. You get precise control over timing and unprecedented flexibility to create expressive animations with minimal code.

Dedicated support

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. We’ve got your back. When deadlines are looming and you can’t figure something out, hop over to to get your GreenSock-related questions answered in the forums. With a proven track record of active participation by the author and an army of fellow users, GreenSock tools are unlike most open source projects that stagnate or offer zero support.

Permissive license

Completely free for everything except a very specific type of commercial use (reselling to multiple customers), GreenSock’s license makes it extremely accessible and business-friendly while providing a small funding mechanism to sustain ongoing support, enhancement, and innovation. The web is littered with abandoned “open source” projects, but GreenSock has a years-long track record of commitment to the platform.

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Comments (28) RSS

Posted by Brennan on October 12, 2012

Jack, you are just plain awesome. Your tool is useful and absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work, the member ship fees are more than worth it.

Posted by Erik on October 23, 2012

Awesome demo Jack!

Posted by David Szucs on November 1, 2012

You are people from an other world. Truly amazing. Thanks a lot!!!! Pisz!

[...] some design stuff. Then I decided to turn my design into an interactive 3D object (all powered by Greensock), as you [...]

[...] GSAP JS – Professional-Grade JavaScript Animation [...]

Posted by Peter_D on February 22, 2013

Some simple selector engine would be a great add-on to GSAP

Posted by Jack on February 23, 2013

Ever since version 1.8.0, GSAP has an ID selector built-in and it also allows you to use any standard selector engine like jQuery, Sizzle, Zepto, etc. using the TweenLite.selector property. It automatically uses jQuery if it’s loaded. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by doing our own version of a selector engine at this point because it doesn’t seem like an area that needs much help and we’d like to keep the engine very streamlined and focused.

So to be clear, if something like jQuery is loaded, you can do this:“.myClass”, 2, {top:”+=100px”});

And even if jQuery (or similar) isn’t loaded, you can still do this:“#myID”, 2, {top:”+=100px”});

Posted by Pavel on March 25, 2013

I am trying to clarify something. Using:

var tween = (…)


var tween = new (…)

if I don’t instantiate will that “recycle” that instance of the same tween or constantly create a new one? If it creates a new one will the old once be GCed by the browser?

Posted by Jack on March 25, 2013

No, Pavel, your last example uses an invalid syntax:

var tween =…);
var tween = new TweenMax(…);
var tween = new…);

There is no recycling of instances that occurs because that could actually cause big problems if, for example, you want to control an instance later using its methods like restart(). But yes, the engine automatically releases references internally to enable garbage collection. It shields your tweens from garbage collection when necessary, and releases them when it’s appropriate. You shouldn’t have to worry about any of that.

Happy tweening!

Posted by KJ on April 4, 2013

Goodbye Flash. Hello GSAP. The King is dead! Long live the King! Just discovered this a couple of weeks ago and completed my first project (my own portfolio) with groovy page transitions that would otherwise have been dizzyingly complicated. I’m hooked. With the power of transforms and GSAP, what can flash do that can’t be done in plain ‘ol HTML/js? Can’t wait to implement on future projects. Great job, Jack!

Posted by Brandon Weiss on April 11, 2013

Truly Awesome! Best of luck to this super cool project!

Posted by mastrobardo on April 18, 2013

thx, i can use the same tween engine ( and port the same code ;) ) on html sites as well. +1 , and i’ll buy the full licence for as3.

Posted by H@chimuto on May 25, 2013

Believe me, this is the most flexible super fast javascript animation tool I had never seen.Great Job.

[...] framework I just started working on. It is called TweenDeck, and it is built on top of the Greensock Animation Platform. If you know what you are doing in Greensock, and understand how to build a Timeline animation, [...]

[...] Sites using SuperScrollorama (and also Greensock Animation): [...]

Posted by The Badger on July 14, 2013

My day has just become so much brighter! I used to use your stuff for flash. I loved it. Really.

Now I discover you are doing a similar sort of thing for html5-javascript.

I am so excited! No one does what you can do Jack.

I’m going to ferret about on your web site like an excited, um, ferret.


Posted by GSAP – Javascript Animation | on July 17, 2013

[...] becomes – how do we produce top-notch animation in the DOM without Flash? The answer is GSAP (Green Sock Animation Platform). Check out the sweet promo [...]

[…] an extra punch we are going to do this JavaScript style using the Greensock animation library which was a staple in the Flash world and has been ported over to JavaScript. I […]

[…] always the functionality’s foundation is the ever rock solid Greensock GSAP (where Jack kindly features some of my work) and without which none of this would work very well […]

Posted by madhu kumar on September 23, 2013

Is it possible to use Gasp perfectly in Windows 8(WinJS) Application? It is working but seems like tough using slider animation control in Windows 8 Application.

Posted by Sayka on September 27, 2013

You’ve opened a lot of opportunities and possibilities for people Jack. You are awesome…


Posted by Jack on October 25, 2013

Yes, madhu, the new version of Draggable works on Windows 8 touch devices. Microsoft decided to use their own proprietary MSPointerEvents instead of the industry standard touch events, but now Draggable works with them all.

Posted by Sara on October 29, 2013

I find it not simply good – but incredible. I’ve include it along with some other html5 animation tools here:

Posted by Thomas Federico on October 30, 2013

Hey Jack, it has been many years that I have been using your GreenSock Tweening Platform, first in AS3 then with JS…

Since it has gained more and more popularity, have you ever thought about writing books about how to using it for AS3 and JS? It’ll be really helpful and I’ll be sure to get it/them if they’ll be released one day.

Best regards.

Posted by Jack on October 30, 2013

First of all, thanks for being such a long-time user and supporter, Thomas.

Funny you should ask about writing a book. Carl Schooff, our very own Geek Ambassador, is finishing up an excellent book right now that serves as curriculum for the upcoming class at Noble in NYC! He’s the master when it comes to teaching this stuff and I think this will be a very valuable resource. The plan is to publish it and make it available at places like too, but if you’re able to sign up for the Noble class I think that’s by far the best option.

[…] next few lines of JavaScript is where the magic happens. For the purpose of this example I am using GreenSock’s GSAPJS, which is pretty much the best tweening library out there (at least in my opinion) but you can […]

Posted by Tinku Tharasing on May 11, 2014

I was a fan of TweenMax library while i was a flash freelancer and built many websites using this platform and now i am happy to see the js version of it. I have used some of its basic features for prince dale website project i have done.

Would try to build complex sites soon using this awesome platform.

Thank you Greensock.

To download the code, you must agree to the following license:


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I'd like to learn how to get bonus plugins, update notifications, SVN access, and more.
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