Jump Start: GSAP JS

Learn the basics of GSAP JS fast. The Jump Start will walk you through a number of interactive slides that will show you exactly how GSAP JS works. Animating with JavaScript just got a whole lot easier.

Source files for all the demos are available for download or play with them live on codepen.

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Comments (34) RSS

Posted by norsklionheart on November 28, 2012

First! Thanks Jack, that is an awesome presentation :)

Posted by Michael Dobekidis on November 28, 2012

Really helpful application, thanks for putting this together!

[...] If you haven’t heard of TweenMax/TweenLite you definitely need to check out what Jack Doyle (The GreenSock guy) has for a tweening library. Check out the TimelineMax also and see what awesome stuff you can do. Also check out the speed test of the TweenLite: Greensock TweenLite Speed Test or http://www.greensock.com/jump-start-js/ [...]

Posted by HS on December 5, 2012


[...] Jump Start – GSAP JavaScript [...]

[...] have spent my morning on going through this wonderful Jump Start: GSAP JS, a quick-start guide for getting your feet wet in no time!  As having a bit knowledge of TweenLite [...]

Posted by Josh Knell on December 19, 2012

Really grateful for your passion to make things amazing. I am amazed at what can be done and with so little code. I bow to the shifu.

Posted by William on December 28, 2012

Hello , god bless you, this is an exclellent tool dude!! really amazing!!!

Posted by Wenhong Zhou on December 28, 2012

Thanks very much! It’s really amazing!

Posted by Jim S on January 6, 2013

Thanks for your amazing effort! Greetings from Toronto, Canada.

Posted by Mar on January 8, 2013

A really good jump-start tour, helps me get a glance of GSAP JS in 5 minutes. And the entire library is amazing!

Posted by Shrinivas on January 14, 2013

Learnt the lot with this tutorial.. Thanks for taking time to prepare this useful stuff.

Posted by Otkupljivanje Zlata on January 21, 2013


I’ve been using TweenLite/Max in past,for example on this AS3 web (http://www.antebacak.com/). Now, when I’m on jQuery i can only say great job guys with JS version!

Best plugin ever, preiod.

Posted by LewisOne on February 7, 2013


You are greener than the weed we grow in Colorado.

I love the Flash AS3 stuff, been using it for years and years and years, now getting into the JS. Totally frustrated because I could not get it to work for Crap, head hurts from banging it into my monitor, toes hurt from kicking the legs on my desk.

However being a little green myself with JS, a little high, and a bit drunk (because that is the best way to do any programming efficiently) and with some fiddling I figured out why…

Stupid me didn’t know to add the line:

Then the scripts work to make buttons work. Your tweenCode works like a charm all of a sudden, hahhahaaa.

Now I can go back to being an evil little greenSock monster making things happen.

You have the absolute best group of tools around for animating on the web.



Posted by Otkup Zlata on February 12, 2013

Thank you! Excellent tool. It helps a lot!

Posted by amil on February 19, 2013


Posted by Louis Charland on March 6, 2013

You have made my day’s again!….. (Last time…2008 the AS3 version!)

Posted by PSDSIGN on March 9, 2013

Excellent work

I say “Hello” to GSAP-Javascript and Good Bye to other APIs. I my opinion there is only one word for Your Plattform:

“AWE … wait for it … SOME”

Posted by Leko on May 15, 2013

How can i make more strong the ease “ease:Back.easeOut”?

Posted by Jack on May 15, 2013

Leko, you can configure the amount that the Back.easeOut ease shoots past its target by using the config() method, like:
The higher the value, the more it’ll overshoot.

[...] Jump Start: GSAP JS by Greensock [...]

Posted by Aamir Shahzad on June 17, 2013

good one… i like it :-)

Posted by AIJ on June 24, 2013

Thanks a lot!I just need it now!

Posted by Arslan Akram on July 27, 2013

Awesome… simply awesome! Keep up the brilliant work!

Posted by Guillermo on August 9, 2013

this is absolutely brilliant

[…] the Thesis ‘Site’ menu. The best place to get started building these scripts is the Jump Start: GSAP JS page. Adding scripts to the ‘Tracking Scripts’ area of the Thesis ‘Site’ […]

Posted by Syed Shahid on November 4, 2013

I am just starting my career as a freelancer and writing those complex js code to animate things is something quite time consuming, but now i think with GSAP every thing’s gonna be piece of cake. Thanks for such a great gift for developers. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Kiril on December 8, 2013

Clear and concise presentation of features and their use. Thank you much!

Posted by leylaloly on December 22, 2013

Thank you Jack ^_^ u’re AMAZING

Posted by Bruno on January 13, 2014

I have not tested yet, but I can see a excellent work here. Congratulations!

Posted by Jordan on January 15, 2014

wow – just stumbled onto this… looks amazing! great intro!

Posted by David on January 28, 2014

Amazing…definitely using this in my next project. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Venkat on March 4, 2014

The simplest tool to animate anything in this world… WayToGo GSAP. Congrats…

Posted by Cato3000 on June 13, 2014

YES. This is what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been killing myself trying to build a library of practical ways of implementing subtle animations with jQuery. And I hate using plugins. I have found my Unicorn. I just purchased the class book. Thanks a trillion!

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I'd like to learn how to get bonus plugins, update notifications, SVN access, and more.
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