GreenSock Tweening Platform v11 Released

Update: check out v12 (beta)!
Version 12 of the animation platform is almost here. It’s in public beta now and we’d love to get your input. It is the most exciting release yet and it includes a JavaScript flavor. Check it out here and get your hands on the code today.

After hundreds of development hours, countless caffine-fueled late nights, and a level of preoccupation with tweening that borders on obsessive-compulsive, version 11 is born. This is no minor update. It is by far the most significant (and extensive) upgrade ever.

If you’ve grown to love version 10 and get nervous at the thought of “extensive changes”, don’t worry. With a few minor exceptions, TweenLite and TweenMax work exactly the way they always have – they’re just faster and more capable now. Once you dig into version 11, you’ll love it. Trust me. If you haven’t done so already, watch the 60-second promo swf on the home page; it demonstrates some of the new capabilities in a fun way. To begin with, let’s go over the enhancements:

TimelineLite and TimelineMax: sequencing made fun

TimelineLite and TimelineMax are brand new tools that act as containers for your tweens, allowing you to build and manage sequences and groups of tweens very easily. Think of them like virtual MovieClip timelines where you position individual tweens over the course of time. You can even nest timelines within timelines as deeply as you want. Add labels, skip around with gotoAndPlay() and gotoAndStop(), reverse(), pause(), resume(), and more. Even tween the timeline’s currentTime or timeScale to fastforward/rewind. The append() and appendMultiple() methods make it easy to build sequences progressively and you have complete control over where your tweens are inserted into a timeline with insert() and insertMultiple(). Tweens can overlap as much as you want. Once you get the hang of TimelineLite/Max, I think you’ll find that they open up entirely new possibilities. They replace TweenGroup which is now obsolete (once you start using them, you’ll see why – they’re far more powerful, flexible, and even lighter weight than TweenGroup).

Watch a video that explains the basics of working with TimelineLite and TimelineMax.

Just like the way TweenMax extends TweenLite, TimelineMax extends TimelineLite, using identical syntax and adding several useful (but non-essential) features like AS3 event dispatching, repeat, repeatDelay, addCallback(), getActive(), getLabelAfter(), getLabelBefore(), currentLabel, and more. Please see the TimelineLite or TimelineMax pages for details or check out the documentation here. Here’s an interactive demo of TimelineMax:

TweenLite & TweenMax Improvements:

  • TweenLite now has pause(), resume(), reverse(), play(), and restart() methods which it shares in common with all TweenCore classes (TweenMax, TimelineLite, and TimelineMax). This brings polymorphism to the platform in a very convenient way. So you can create a class variable, for example, and type it as a TweenCore and populate it with a TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite, or TimelineMax and use common controls.
  • useFrames” is now officially supported. So to make a tween or timeline base its timing on frames instead of seconds, simply pass “useFrames:true” through the vars object. For example, to tween mc’s x coordinate to 100 over the course of 30 frames, do, 30, {x:100, useFrames:true});
  • Improved speed
  • Full ASDoc documentation
  • Associate any data with a particular tween using the new “data” special property.
  • TweenMax has new fromTo() and allFromTo() methods which allow you to define the starting and ending values in a tween (or group of tweens).
  • allTo() and allFrom() were moved to TweenMax and the stagger, onCompleteAll, and onCompleteParams are now function parameters instead of special properties in the vars object.
  • invalidate() any TweenLite/Max or TimelineLite/Max to force a re-initialization. This can be very useful if you want to reuse/restart a tween/timeline without having it revert to its starting values.
  • TweenLite has a “currentTime” property now, so it’s easy to find out exactly how far along a TweenLite is and/or make it skip to a certain point.
  • Added onReverseComplete callback (and event dispatching in TweenMax/TimelineMax) so that you can take action when a tween/timeline finishes returning to its beginning after having been reversed. Also added onRepeat callback to TweenMax and TimelineMax.
  • New “transformMatrix” plugin allows you to tween a DisplayObject’s/MovieClip’s transform.matrix properties. Either use the normal a, b, c, d, tx, and ty properties or convenient x, y, scaleX, scaleY, skewX, skewY, and rotation values. Yes, that’s right – you can easily skew a DisplayObject/MovieClip now!
  • New “motionBlur” plugin applies a realistic directional blur based on the velocity and angle of a DisplayObject’s x/y movement. See an interactive demo in the updated Plugin Explorer (below). MotionBlurPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock for all “Really Green”, “Shockingly Green”, and corporate members.
  • New “physics2D” plugin delivers simple physics functionality for tweening a DisplayObject’s x and y coordinates based on a combination of velocity, angle, gravity, acceleration, accelerationAngle, and/or friction. See an interactive demo in the updated Plugin Explorer. Physics2DPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock for all “Really Green”, “Shockingly Green”, and corporate members.
  • New “physicsProps” plugin delivers simple physics functionality for tweening any property of any object using velocity, acceleration, and/or friction. See an interactive demo in the updated Plugin Explorer. PhysicsPropsPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock for all “Really Green”, “Shockingly Green”, and corporate members.
  • New “dynamicProps” plugin that allows you to associate a function with a property so that every time the tween is updated, it calls that function to get the end value for the associated property. You could, for example, tween an object’s x/y coordinates to wherever the mouse is. See an interactive demo in the updated Plugin Explorer (below). DynamicPropsPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock, replacing ColorTransformPlugin which is now available to non club members.
  • The AS3 flavor of TweenMax now has internal algorithms that can execute certain easing calculations 35-80% faster (overall speed boost is closer to 3-15%)! You just need to activate the eligible easing classes (options include Linear, Quad, Cubic, Quart, Quint, and Strong). Example: FastEase.activate([Strong, Linear, Quad]).

TweenNano: a ridiculously small (1.6k) engine

I would strongly recommend using TweenLite if there’s any way you can afford the extra 3.1k, but if you’re in a pinch and need the absolute smallest engine and you’re willing to sacrifice some features, you can use the new freakishly small TweenNano engine. TweenNano instances cannot be placed into TimelineLite or TimelineMax instances, nor can they make use of any plugins and there are a few other tradeoffs, but it has many of the other features of TweenLite, uses the same syntax, and only costs 1.6k (2k in AS2). Get details here.

Important changes (“gotchas” to watch out for when switching from v10 to v11)

With the following exceptions, TweenLite and TweenMax should perform exactly the same as they did in v10:

  • The base package changed from “gs” to “com.greensock” in order to comply with industry standards.
  • No plugins are activated by default in TweenLite in order to minimize file size. Previously 7 plugins were activated by default (autoAlpha, visible, tint, frame, removeTint, volume, and endArray). It’s VERY easy to activate whichever plugins you need, though. The Plugin Explorer will even write the code for you. Here is the activation code that you need to run once in your SWF for backward compatibility with plugins:
    import com.greensock.plugins.*;
    TweenPlugin.activate([VolumePlugin, RemoveTintPlugin, FramePlugin, TintPlugin, AutoAlphaPlugin, EndArrayPlugin, VisiblePlugin]);
  • The “loop” property in TweenMax has been changed to the more intuitive “repeat”. “yoyo” can now be used in conjunction with “repeat” – it is a Boolean indicating how the repeat should behave.
  • reverse() no longer acts as a toggle between forwards/backwards orientation in TweenMax. Instead, it ALWAYS forces the tween to go backwards.
  • Changing the “reversed” property no longer automatically resumes/unpauses a TweenMax instance.
  • The “renderOnStart” special property has been removed in favor of the new “immediateRender” (Boolean) special property which allows you to control whether or not the tween renders immediately when it is instantiated.
  • TweenLite.removeTween() and TweenMax.removeTween() have been removed in favor of a common kill() method. So what used to be TweenLite.removeTween(myTween) is now simply myTween.kill().
  • TweenMax’s “progress” property is now “currentProgress”
  • The AUTO overwrite mode now kills a tween if there are no more properties left tweening.
  • OverwriteManager’s ALL mode has been renamed ALL_IMMEDIATE, but it uses the same constant value (1) and produces the same results.


I’d like to extend a special thanks to all who contributed their valuable input, particularly Grant Skinner who generously carved time out of his busy schedule to serve as an advisor. And a special shout out to Moses Gunesch and Zeh Fernando – two guys who have been very kind and supportive as well. You each inspire me in unique ways.


  1. TweenLite is about 1.9k fatter. What’s up with that?
    Yes, as most of you know, I’m extremely protective of file size so I didn’t take that 1.9k lightly. However, I felt strongly that the flexibility and speed improvements along with all the extra features, particularly pause(), resume(), reverse(), play(), and restart() in TweenLite, the polymorphism it delivers across the platform, and the useFrames feature justified the added weight. The base TweenLite class is now around 4.7k. If you need a SUPER small tweening class and don’t mind giving up features, check out the new TweenNano which is only 1.6k in AS3. But I’d strongly recommend sticking with TweenLite. It provides a ton of flexibility, power, and speed for its size.
  2. I don’t want to use v11 – can I get a legacy copy of v10?
    Sure. But I do not plan to update previous versions. v10 was very stable and you can get it here: Download AS2 | Download AS3
  3. motionBlur, physics2D, physicsProps, and dynamicProps don’t work! How can I make them work?
    These plugins are membership benefits of Club GreenSock. When you sign up, you get the bonus plugins, and then don’t forget to activate them. See the Plugin Explorer for the activation code.
  4. Is TweenGroup being deprecated?
    Yes. Since TimelineLite and TimelineMax provide similar functionality plus a whole lot more flexibility and power (using less kb), it seemed logical. If you used TweenGroup.allTo() and TweenGroup.allFrom(), don’t worry – they’ve been added back to TweenMax.
  5. Do I have to purchase a license to use this code? Can I use it for commercial purposes?
    You may use the code at no charge in commercial or non-commercial web sites, games, components, applications, and other software as long as end users are not charged a fee of any kind to use your product or gain access to it. If your client pays you a one-time fee to create the site/product, that’s perfectly fine and qualifies under the “no charge” license. If multiple end users are charged a usage/access/license fee of any kind, please simply sign up for a corporate Club GreenSock membership which comes with a special commercial license granting you permission to do so. Club GreenSock members get several nifty bonus plugins, classes, update notifications, SVN access, and more. Your donations keep this project going. Please see the licensing page for details on licensing.

Need help?

Feel free to post your question on the forums. You’ll increase your chances of getting a prompt answer if you provide a brief explanation and include a simplified FLA file (and any class files) that clearly demonstrates the problem.

Author: Jack Doyle
Copyright 2011, GreenSock (This work is subject to the terms here.)
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Comments (50) RSS

Posted by oscar on October 21, 2009

Congratulations!!! I´m glad this version has left the beta status, by far I highly recommended, I´ve been using it since its beta version and for sure it is a big update to the previous versions.

Posted by Kasia on October 22, 2009


Posted by João GOnçalves on October 22, 2009

Great work guys, keep on going, certainly one of the best framework to animation.

Posted by Turk on October 22, 2009

Some great changes here, can’t wait to get my hands dirty with it. Good job! :D

Posted by Roman on October 22, 2009

Awesome stuff. Can’t wait to try it out. Being a GreenSock Member is great. Thanks for the huge update.

Posted by Grit on October 22, 2009

What ever will we do with our re-gained free time now we don’t have to code our (green)socks off on every full-blown-eye-candy-projects.

Thanks a lot Jack, no really! ;-)

Posted by Tadhg on October 22, 2009

Well done mate, fantastic work. I’ve also been using this since beta along with the new TimelineMax classes. I can’t recommend them enough. Without a doubt the best tweening library around!

Posted by Brandy on October 22, 2009

Thanks for switching to com.greensock! That has always driven me nuts :)

Posted by Ramiro Araujo on October 22, 2009

GREEEEAT work bud!! I’ve been using v11 for quite a few months and it really really rocks! Happy to see this as a release finally :D

Posted by iwan on October 22, 2009

Thanks for your hard work!

Posted by Valentijn Kint on October 22, 2009

This is amazing work! Congrats!
The workflow to achieve animations is so fast that I started using it to prototype animation ideas for video..

Posted by effixx on October 22, 2009

Bravo, Jack! Brilliant as usual.

Posted by Daweed on October 22, 2009

Congrats !!!!

Posted by grabek on October 22, 2009

Superb! and a great job redesigning the blog too!

Posted by danel on October 22, 2009

Congrats … I have been using the BETA and loving timeline…

Posted by Shane on October 22, 2009

Awesome!!! Thanks, you rock.

Posted by Burvs on October 22, 2009

Fantastic news. Congrats Jack. Go buy yerself a beer!

Posted by Ilap on October 22, 2009

YEY! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GREAT WORK!! I’m a GreenTween addict!

Posted by Agustin on October 22, 2009

you rock!!!!
WOW, GREAT INTRODUCTION BANNER YOU MADE! and all the new features, I think there’s something in my eye.. a tear of emotion?
And also the new look of your site, absolutely love it, just yesterday I was looking at it thinking, this is cool, but it has started to look a bit old.

Kudos Jack!

Posted by David Jumeau on October 22, 2009

My jaw dropped when I saw the banner. Really awesome work Jack!

Posted by cref on October 22, 2009

Wow…. this just keeps getting better and better!
Only thing missing now is a haXe version. :P

By the way, the website looks great too!
I haven’t been here for a while so it’s new to me.

Posted by Mark on October 22, 2009

Cool! Can’t wait to try this out!

Posted by Shane on October 22, 2009

Thanks Jack. This is like x-mas in October. I swapped out v10 with 11 on my current project and noticed the difference immediately. Very fast and very, very smooth. How did you do it?

Posted by Matthias on October 22, 2009

I’m stunned by your ability to improve things that actually couldn’t get any better, Mr Doyle!

Congrats to that awesome release!

Posted by daniel on October 22, 2009

Great work Jack
I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty!

Posted by John on October 22, 2009

Thanks so much for your continued work on such an amazing product.

You are greatly appreciated.

Posted by Arnie on October 22, 2009

Jack–you’re amazing.

Posted by David on October 22, 2009

Kudos. Been looking forward to this release for some time and am excited about putting it to good use.

Posted by Thomas on October 22, 2009

Great stuff. Gonna type something up on my blog over the weekend utilizing this new engine ^^


Posted by Alwyn on October 22, 2009

I just knew I had to stick with TweenLite/Max :-) Great work guys! Going green.

Posted by Erik Hallander on October 22, 2009

Heya Jack. Good work. ;) Talk to you soon mate.

Posted by Peter Bohny on October 22, 2009

Congratulations to the new release and your website update. I really like the banner, it says and proofs it all.

Posted by Todd Shelton on October 23, 2009

Great work and this is the best version yet!!!!

Posted by Eder Lima on October 23, 2009

Great work!!!! Awesome platform. Keep going.

Posted by Philip on October 24, 2009

So the best AS tweening engine in the world just got so much better (not to mention the astounding level of support/docs/examples). Legendary status is all yours Jack. Adobe ought to give you a reward of some kind seeing as your work is an integral part of the majority of quality Flash apps these days :)

Posted by Josh on October 26, 2009

Great work and even great branding! Can’t wait to dive right in.

Posted by JTtheGeek on October 26, 2009

Jack, we love you! The best engine just keeps getting better. Not sure what the heck you can possibly do to keep improving things, but I’m sure you’ll find a way lol.

Posted by Charlesg99 on October 27, 2009

Congratulations on your fantastic new engine and your great new website. You really have an amazing tweening engine and I probably wouldn’t like actionscipt without it. I totally love the new timeline. Thanks

Posted by Neng on October 29, 2009

Best tweening class out there! Great work Jack! You are a godsend!

Posted by Bryan on October 29, 2009

Thanks so much Greensock! Your tween engine is the best out there, and an invaluable part of all development work out there!

Posted by Patrick Mullady on April 17, 2010

I’m still getting to know the Greensock Tweening platform but I felt I needed to comment. Jack deserves a frickin medal! He is the ultimate Flash Rockstar! His classes are incredibly useful and intuitive. I can’t imagine building my sites without these classes. My work flow has completely changed.
If you are on the fence about joining the club…do it. You’ll soon realize it’s well worth the investment. The Greensock Platform is quite simply the best animation suite around for beginners and longtime pros.

PS – my only suggestion is more video tutorials. You have the knack for it. Ever thought of hooking up with
Just a thought.

Posted by John on July 5, 2010

Would like to echo the sentiments above. I became a Greensock member based on this extraordinary time-saving class. The community needs to support people like Jack. Cheers.

Posted by Girish on September 21, 2010

Hands Down. GreenSock is the best tweening engine out there. Jack, was that you on the tweenlite video tutorial? Jack, you should do more tutorials. Your tutorial on tween so well explained and thorough. Respect.

Posted by Nick on December 14, 2010

Very Nice thing you have going here, but I have one question:

Is there a way to reference the object that is being tweened in one of the function? For Example:, 1, {y:100, ease:Linear.easeOut, onUpdate:doThis});

function doThis():void{

Posted by Jack on December 14, 2010

Absolutely, Nick – just use onUpdateParams:, 1, {y:100, ease:Linear.easeOut, onUpdate:doThis, onUpdateParams:[b]});

function doThis(target:Object):void {
var obj:Object = target;

Posted by TheDarkIn1978 on February 26, 2011


i’m sure you’ve heard this many many times, but your tweening platform is truly amazing. it took me a while to finally switch from the native tween engine (which i did yesterday) and i sure wish i did it sooner. really strong work. thanks so much.

Posted by Ryno on March 11, 2011

Awesome! Amazing Jack you’ve really outdone yourself!

Posted by kratka on April 23, 2011

I wish I have found this when I started to search for a method how to tween with as2. In 4 hours I know how to handle all the animation I will need and 8times more that I’ll need for what I’m doing.

Fantastic work, all the frustration is gone, now only the fun part.
thank you

Posted by Kulgar on September 22, 2011

The work you did is just so amazing and not only for the tween part but also for the loader & transform part.

Just wanted to say : Bravo ! And thanks !

Posted by YopSolo on October 26, 2012

Hi, i wonder if Workers (new stuff in flash player) can be good for tweening stuff ?

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  1. You may use the code at no charge in commercial or non-commercial apps, web sites, games, components, and other software as long as end users are not charged a fee of any kind to use your product or gain access to any part of it. If your client pays you a one-time fee to create the site/product, that's perfectly fine and qualifies under the "no charge" license. If end users are charged a usage/access/license fee, please sign up for a "Business Green" Club GreenSock membership which comes with a comprehensive commercial license. See for details.
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I'd like to learn how to get bonus plugins, update notifications, SVN access, and more.
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